Drivers License & ID Renewals – Available Online

Driver License & State ID – Renew Online

Did you know you can renew your Driver’s License & State ID online?  Just click on the link below to find out more about how you can renew your license or ID without the long wait at the DMV office.



If you have lost your license or ID and would like to apply for a duplicate, please select here.


  • To renew online you must be within one year of expiration on your current card and you cannot have renewed online the last time you renewed.
  • In person renewal at a DMV office is necessary for:
    • CDL- Proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful status/Adding or removing an endorsement or restriction/Hazmat knowledge testing may be required
    • Name change- Certified proof of name change is required
    • Visiting or resident non-U.S. citizens-Verification of immigration documents is required
    • An individual who has become a U.S. citizen since the last card was issued-Proof of U.S. citizenship is required
  • You must be between 21 and 68 to renew your DL online
  • If you are currently under 21 and you have taken the Alcohol Awareness Test you may renew online. If you need to take the test and are in college out-of-state, please click here to send email and request test by mail.
  • If you need to change your name you will need to visit an office and provide the proper proof of name change.
  • If you have a cancelled, revoked, suspended or disqualified license you may not renew online.


More information about what the DMV has to offer can be found here: