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Planning & Zoning Commission

Thorne Bay Municipal Code:
Title 2 Administration and Personnel, Chapters:


A. Purpose: to make the public aware of setback requirements and eliminate building encroachments into rights-of-ways, easements and other properties.

B. Plan Required. No structure shall be erected, constructed, enlarged, relocated or extended without a development plan permit issued by the city. No existing use of a structure shall be converted to another use without a permit issued by the city. Failure to submit a development plan shall be a violation of this chapter.

C. All applications for development plans shall be completed on city forms and accompanied by a site plan that includes:

  1. Property boundaries and dimensions;
  2. Scale with north arrow;
  3. All existing and proposed structures and their dimensions;
  4. Distance of structures to all lot lines;
  5. Rights-of-way and easements adjacent to the property;
  6. Off-street parking spaces with their dimensions;
  7. Location of utility poles, and water and sewer lines;
  8. Access and driveways;
  9. Any topographical features that may affect the development of the property;
  10. Proposed use of the new structure and current use of any existing buildings.

There is established the planning commission for the city to constitute a department of the city and to perform the city-wide functions of planning, platting and zoning for the city, and to advise the chief executive officer and city council of them. The City Council may perform any one or all of the city-wide functions of planning, platting and/or zoning. The Chief executive officer or his delegate shall serve as the city planning official until such time as he appoints, and the City Council confirms another to perform that function.


  1. The planning commission shall consist no more than 11 and no less than five qualified city voters from the community.
  2. Members of the commission must keep current any accounts held with the City (i.e., utilities, lease payments, rents, sales tax, etc.) any member whose accounts fall into delinquency may be removed from the commission by the chief executive officer. City Council will consider financial or other hardship.
  3. Any person declaring candidacy for the planning commission shall not be considered until the persons accounts are made current. City Council will consider financial or other hardships.
  4. Members shall be appointed by the chief executive officer, subject to confirmation by the city council, for a term of three years. Appointments to fill vacancies are for the unexpired term. The compensation and expenses of the planning commission and its staff are paid as directed by the chief executive officer. 

View the Community Profile Maps from DCRA:

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Planning and Zoning

Land Records/Plats

View plat maps of property located within Thorne Bay.  Not all maps are availabe within this table.  For a more detailed search of plats and other land records, please visit the Alaska Recorder's Office at
Aerial View of North and South Thorne BayAerial View North and South TNB
South Thorne Bay AerialMap
Deer Creek Subdivision Aerial MapAerial Map of the Deer Creek Subdivision - Located in the Industrial Zone of Goose Creek/South TNB
Thorne Bay Aerial Map of North SideAerial Map of the North Side of Thorne Bay
Downtown Subdivision Aerial MapAerial Map of the Downtown Business District
Rainy Lane Aerial mapAerial Map Data - Rainy Lane
Property Management Agreement DNR - City - Freeman Drive-102-1989-001930-0Land Management Agreement - Recorder Office Link:
80-121 - South Thorne Bay PlatPlat 80-121 / South Thorne Bay Subdivision Plat
South TNB Road Map - LargeMap
Sort Yard Plat - Heli-Pad locationPlat 2005-33
Tract BP-2, BP-3Plat 97-86/Seaaford Subdivision
Alaska_MapAlaska Map
Alaska-Driving-MapState of Alaska Driving Map
Welcome to Thorne Bay Guide Map All SidesMap - City Welcome Street Map
Zoning Map-Including South Thorne BayCity Zoning Map - Colored 2
Street MapNot Actual Recorded Map - Street Map
Thorne Bay Planning and Zoning MapCity Zoning Map - Colored
Downtown Business District MapPlat 2006-5
Thorne Bay Town MapNot Actual Recorded Plat
Deer Creek MapPlat 91-21
Old Skid Road Map and North Road + South Thorne Bay Addition 1Plat 2016-7/2009-7


Recommended web site search topics:

  • Alaska Planning and Land Management
  • Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Statewide Transportation Improvements Program and Needs List
  • S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Native Americans
  • S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration
  • University of Alaska Center for Economic Development, VISTA
  • S.D.A. Rural Development in Alaska
  • S. Department of Housing and Urban Development – Sustainable Communities
  • UAF Cooperative Extension Service – Community Support

Applicable Laws and Regulations

Alaska Statutes

  • AS 29.35.180 planning within a first or second class borough in accordance with AS 29.40, planning within a home rule borough.
  • AS 29.35.250 Cities inside boroughs.
  • AS 29.35.260 Cities outside boroughs.
  • AS 29.40.010-.200 planning, platting, land use regulation, borough responsibilities, delegation of responsibilities, planning commission, mandatory planning commissions, borough comprehensive plan, limitation on land use regulation variance, appeal, delegation of authority.

Land Records Resources for Residents

The Alaska Recorders Office provides an online search database for Deeds, Subdivisions, Land Surveys and more.  If you are trying to find out who may own land, or need to record land documents, you can do so by visiting the Recorders Office Search Menu by clicking the link below.

Property Taxes in Thorne Bay? NO No Property Taxes are levied in Thorne Bay

Thorne Bay is a Second-Class City within an unorganized borough on Prince of Wales Island.  


Because we have no property tax, we have little record as to who owns property within our municipal boundaries.

Please help us by contacting City Hall if you own land, or know who owns a specific piece of land, so that we can continue to grow our land ownership database.

Contact the City Clerk or City Administrator at (907) 828-3380, or email

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