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City Council Meetings are held on the First (1st) & Third (3rd) Tuesday of every month (with the exception of October and every other November.  All City Council Meetings are Open to the Public and the Public is encouraged to attend.  Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m., and are preceded by a Workshop of the Council beginning at 6:00 p.m.

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Lee Burger

Mayor Term Exp: October 2020

City Council Seat F
Council Seat Term: October 2021.

Eric Rhodes

Vice Mayor

City Council Seat B
Council Seat Term: October 2022.

As a council-member it is Eric’s desire to give a voice to the people of Thorne Bay and to make sounds decisions for the community.

A little about Vice Mayor Rhodes:

Eric’s profession is in Film production & Commercial Fishing, capturing the best of Southeast Alaska. He has owned his own business and worked in both the film and insurance industry.

When Eric found Thorne Bay 9 years ago he fell in love.  Eric immediately purchased property in South Thorne Bay and has been a resident 3.5 years.

Councilman Rhodes encourages residents to reach out to him and let him be your voice.  You can reach Councilman Rhodes by phone at (907) 401-4239; or email

Roger Longbotham

Vice Mayor
Term Exp: October 2020

City Council Seat A
Council Seat Term: October 2022.

A little about Councilmen Longbotham:

Roger has been a proud resident of Thorne Bay for the last 5 years, after moving to Thorne Bay in 2014.  Roger and his wife are both active in their local church where Roger serves as a Deacon.

Roger has been married to his lovely bride Patty for 30 years, raising 4 beautiful daughters, 8 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren.

In the early 90’s Roger was a volunteer with the Wallowa County Search and Rescue Department where he was elected to serve as an officer.

It is Roger’s pleasure to serve the residents of Thorne Bay and continue to work towards building a Thorne Bay that will build continued economic growth and bring new families.

Councilman Longbotham encourages residents to contact him by phone at (907) 204-0755; or email

Rosalyn Hert


City Council Seat C
Council Seat Term: October 2020

As a council member it is Rosalyn’s desire to hear the people and her privilege to be their voice.

A little about Council member Hert:

Rosalyn Hert has been an Alaskan Resident for over 40 years, living in many communities from all over the state. For the last nine years she has been a Thorne Bay resident. Rosalyn and her husband are currently building their retirement home here.

Living in small towns for much of her life, Rosalyn is aware of small-town politics and understands the need for the people to be involved and to be heard. As an elected member of the City Council it is Rosalyn’s privilege to be that voice.

The public is encouraged to reach out to their council-members whenever they wish.

You can reach Councilwoman Rosalyn Hert by phone at (907) 830-3787; or email


Cindy Edenfield


City Council Seat D
Council Seat Term: October 2021

As a council member it is Cindy’s desire to hear the people of Thorne Bay and to bring awareness to the needs of the Emergency Services for all residents and visitors of Thorne Bay.

A little about Council member Edenfield:

Cindy has spent her life providing for her family and her community. 

As a resident of Thorne Bay for the last 26 years, Cindy has also volunteered all of her time leading the local Emergency Services Program and saving countless lives with her skills, knowledge and willingness to help others before herself.  

Cindy has served on the Thorne Bay City Council since 2012.  And it is her pleasure to continue serving you.

The public is encouraged to reach out to their council-members whenever they wish.

Please contact Cindy Edenfield by phone at: (907) 401-3516; or email

John Stram


Appointed to City Council Seat E
Appointment Term Ends: Oct 2020
Seat E Term Ends: October 2021

Harvey McDonald


City Council Seat G
Council Seat Term: October 2021.

As a council-member it is Harvey’s desire to serve the people of Thorne Bay and to help carry out the vision of economic growth and community development.  McDonald supports all efforts put forth to make Thorne Bay a desirable place to live and raise families.

A little about Councilmen McDonald:

Harvey McDonald was elected to City Council Seat G in 2008 for a three-year term and he continues to hold that elected seat today. 

McDonald fell in love with Thorne Bay the minute he and his family had arrived.   McDonald, along with his loving wife Brenda, made their home in Thorne Bay and raised their two children in the Community where they continue to reside today raising their families.

Councilmen McDonald has served the community of Thorne Bay as an elected official for many years beginning in 1988 when he was first elected and served until 1995.  In 2008 McDonald was elected to Council Seat G and continues to hold that seat today.  Since 2008 McDonald has served the City as a Council-member, a Vice Mayor, and the Mayor.    

The public is encouraged to reach out to their elected officials whenever they wish.  

You may contact Councilmen McDonald by phone at (907) 254-1245; or email