PUBLIC NOTICE May 29, 2020: Now Taking New Reservations, and Begin Sailing 5 Days a Week Starting June 13, 2020.

PUBLIC NOTICE May 29, 2020: Now Taking New Reservations, and Begin Sailing 5 Days a Week Starting June 13, 2020.

AMHS Assists IFA with getting stranded IFA customers to Hollis & Ketchikan!!

Thank you to everyone who has patiently been waiting to book new travel while we were taking care of everyone who was stranded due to our recent mechanical issues. Agents have been working tirelessly and have taken care of everyone who was booked to travel May 22 through June 11, 2020. We can now take new reservations so call 866-308-4848 or book Online! Our schedule is as follows:


DEPART KTN 8:00 AM arrive HYL 11:00am (Lituya)

DEPART HYL 12:00 PM  arrive KTN 3:00pm (Lituya)


DEPART KTN 10:45 AM  arrive HYL 1:45pm (Lituya)

DEPART HYL 2:45 PM  arrive KTN 5:45pm (Lituya)


DEPART KTN 10:45 AM  arrive HYL 1:45pm (Lituya)

DEPART HYL 2:45 PM   arrive KTN 5:45pm (Lituya)


DEPART KTN 10:45 AM  arrive HYL 1:45pm (Lituya)

DEPART HYL 2:45 PM   arrive KTN 5:45pm (Lituya)


DEPART KTN 10:45 AM  arrive HYL 1:45pm (Lituya)

DEPART HYL 2:45 PM   arrive KTN 5:45pm (Lituya)

DEPART KTN 3:30 PM  arrive HYL 6:30pm  (Stikine)


DEPART HYL 8:00AM    arrive KTN 11:00 am

DEPART KTN 3:30PM  arrive HYL 6:30 pm

USDA Rural Development Business and Industry (B&I) CARES Act Program Webinars

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is making available up to $1 billion in loan
guarantees to help rural businesses meet their working capital needs during the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, agricultural producers that are not eligible for USDA Farm Service Agency loans may receive funding under USDA Business & Industry (B&I) CARES Act Program provisions included in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.
B&I CARES Act Program loans must be used as working capital to prevent, prepare for or
respond to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The loans may be used only to support rural businesses, including agricultural producers, that were in operation on Feb. 15, 2020.
The Department begins accepting applications on May 22, 2020. Applications must be received no later than midnight Eastern Daylight Time on June 22, 2020, or until funds are expended. Program funding expires Sept. 30, 2021.
Eligible applicants may contact their local USDA Rural Development State Office in the state where the project is located.
Eligible Program Applicants: Federal or State-Chartered Banks, Savings and Loans, Farm Credit Banks, Credit Unions

Webinar Topics: Program Compliance & Documents, Application Requirements, Program Resources, Application Process Examples, Guidance on How to Apply.

Who Should Attend:
May 27 webinar – rural lenders and program participants
June 3 webinar – rural lenders, stakeholders and the general public

To register for the webinar on Wednesday, May 27 at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time, visit

To register for the webinar on Wednesday, June 3 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, visit


The IFA greatly appreciates that the AMHS M/V Lituya will help us get our stranded customers from last weekend and get as many people and vehicles as possible to their destination who were booked to travel with the IFA between May 28 and June 11, 2020.

We will have 1 round trip sailing departing KETCHIKAN at 8:00AM then departing HOLLIS at 12:00PM on Thursday May 28 and on Saturday May 30, 2020 to transport those effected by the disruption in IFA ferry service May 22 through May 25, 2020. The Lituya doesn’t hold as many vehicles or passengers as the IFA ferry so we are using these 2 sail days to take care of the back log of bookings from last weekend only; no new bookings until stranded customers are taken care of. IFA Agents will be contacting you to rebook for these 2 sailings in the order of who was booked first to last.

We will have 1 round trip sailing departing KETCHIKAN at 10:45 AM then departing HOLLIS at 2:45 PM on Thursday June 4, Friday June 5, Saturday June 6 and Thursday June 11, 2020 to transport those who were already booked for travel between May 28 and June 11, 2020. IFA Agents will be contacting you to see if you would like to rebook for these June sailing dates, and this will be handled in order of who was booked first to last.

Please note that we are prioritizing these sail days for transporting those customers who were already booked with us for travel prior to June 12, 2020. IFA Agents will contact all of you who are still trying to get to your final Hollis or Ketchikan destination. We have an order of who was booked first to last and will call you in that order to get you rebooked. Please do not call us until we can get through this process as it will only delay our progress. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Once we have taken care of the travel needs of everyone who was booked between May 22 and June 11, 2020, THEN we will take bookings for people and vehicles who do not have a reservation already. When a sailing becomes available to everyone to book, a notice will be posted to our IFA Website and IFA Facebook immediately. Online booking and new bookings will be closed until we have taken care of all those who were already reserved and effected by the recent mechanical events. Thank you and the IFA extends its apologies to our valued customers for the inconveniences this has caused anyone and appreciate your patience as we work through this difficult time.


THURSDAY MAY 28        DEPART KTN 8:00AM     arrive HYL 11:00am (Lituya)

                                       DEPART HYL 12:00PM    arrive KTN 3:00pm (Lituya)

SATURDAY MAY 30        DEPART KTN 8:00AM     arrive HYL 11:00am (Lituya)

                                       DEPART HYL 12:00PM    arrive KTN 3:00pm (Lituya)

THURSDAY JUNE 4         DEPART KTN 10:45AM   arrive HYL 1:45pm (Lituya)

                                       DEPART HYL 2:45PM      arrive KTN 5:45pm (Lituya)

FRIDAY JUNE 5               DEPART KTN 10:45AM   arrive HYL 1:45pm (Lituya)

                                       DEPART HYL 2:45PM      arrive KTN 5:45pm (Lituya)

SATURDAY JUNE 6         DEPART KTN 10:45AM   arrive HYL 1:45pm (Lituya)

                                       DEPART HYL 2:45PM      arrive KTN 5:45pm (Lituya)

THURSDAY JUNE 11       DEPART KTN 10:45AM   arrive HYL 1:45pm (Lituya)

                                       DEPART HYL 2:45PM      arrive KTN 5:45pm (Lituya)

                                       DEPART KTN 3:30PM     arrive HYL 6:30pm  (Stikine)

Thank You, Donna R. Halvorsen Terminal Manager

Inter-Island Ferry Authority 

Toll Free 866-308-4848 ext #103

Direct line 907-313-5382

P.O. Box 495 Craig, AK 99921

Re-Open Alaska Phase III/IV

Effective Friday May 22, 2020 Alaska is open for business:

  • All businesses can open
  • All houses of worship can open
  • Libraries and museums can open
  • All recreational activities can open
  • All sports activities can open
    It’s the responsibility of individuals, businesses, and organizations to minimize the spread of COVID-19. We encourage all to follow local, state, national, and industry guidelines on ways to conduct business and activities safely.
    • 14-day quarantine for interstate and international travel to Alaska remains in place. This will be reevaluated by June 2, 2020, but will be reviewed weekly.
  • All senior centers, prisons, and institutions will continue to have restricted access.
  • Any proposed large public gatherings such as festivals and concerts need to consult first with public health before scheduling.
  • The State will continue to work with large industries to protect their workforce and the communities in which they operate.
  • Communities may still elect to keep in place travel restrictions.
    • Some Alaskan communities may wish to extend restrictions on non-essential travel into their communities for health reasons. Check with your local community.
  • Health Mandates 15 (Elective Medical/Dental), 17 (Commercial Fishing), and 18 (Intrastate Travel) remain in effect.

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Repair and Reconstruction of Roads

The City of Thorne Bay is requesting proposals for purchasing Road Repair & Reconstruction Services specific to removal of hazards within specified roads in the City Limits.

Proposals will be received by the City of Thorne Bay, hereinafter called “City.”

Proposals will be received until 4:00 P.M. Alaska Time Monday, June 22, 2020, at City of Thorne Bay City Office, located at 110 Freeman Drive, Thorne Bay, Alaska, 99919.

Proposals will be opened 9:00 am on Tuesday, June 23rd for the purpose of evaluation of the bid and qualifications of the contractor.

Service providers whose proposals meet the criteria established in the Request for Proposals, at the sole discretion of the City, may be considered for Contract award. The City may, by direct negotiation, finalize terms with the service provider who is selected for award based on proposals.

The City reserves the right to reject any or all responses for any reason. Clarification of information may be requested by the City.

The City Council will award the contract at a special meeting of the Council to be held  not later than July 3rd. Public and bidders will be notified of the Special Meeting Date once determined.


Please join us in celebrating our Seniors as they graduate!!  As you know, we cannot gather as a community to honor them this year, but we will live-stream the ceremony and then we will have a Thorne Bay parade where the Graduates will hop in cars with their family and will make their way around town.  Since we cannot gather, we would love for you to stand on the side of the road and cheer for and congratulate them as they pass by.

If you would like to give them a card as they pass by, please have it in a plastic or ziplock bag to hand to them through the car window.

DATE: Tuesday May 19th

TIME: Commencement Ceremony 6:00pm, Parade starting around 6:45pm

Please show your support – it is a strange end to their time in school and to the beginning their transition into adulthood.  I know it would mean a lot to them to have you cheer them on!

2020 Seniors:

  • Payton Cottrell
  • Brandon Ehorn
  • Stockton Schwab
  • Jewel Villavicencio
  • Tyrell Williams

We welcome Jacob Congdon from Kasaan who will be joining us for the Commencement Ceremony. Information about the streaming and other details to follow…


Murkowski Sullivan Banner 2020
May 13, 2020


WASHINGTON, DC –U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan are continuing their efforts to connect with Alaskans impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic by hosting a live Teletown Hall, tomorrow. As the state of Alaska slowly begins to slowly re-open, this event will allow Senators Murkowski and Sullivan to hear directly from constituents, answer questions, and better represent Alaskans as coronavirus relief efforts continue to develop.




  • Job Title:            Emergency Grant Writer – Project Employee
  • Pay Rate:           $ TBA
  • Pay Grade:        DOE
  • Department:    Administration

Position Summary

Under the general direction of the Mayor, the Emergency Grant Writer is responsible for the overall applications and compliance to all CARES monies and grant applications and documentation.  

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Become familiar with all C.A.R.E.S. funding authorized expenditures and permitted uses, permitted emergency funding and/or grants available to all governments due to the COVID-19 emergency health crisis.
  • Write and submit grant applications.
  • Track and account for all funding as per regulations.