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Project Priorities & Economic Development

Department/CategoryProject Priority & StatusProject NamePurposeFunding Source
DONEDrain Water from under RestaurantOperationsCity
DoneDoor at Bay ChaletOperationsCity
DONEStep Replacement at Bay ChaletOperations/SafetyCity
DONEHeat to Records BuildingNecessityCity
DONEElectrical Storage Building Electrical ReconnectNecessityCity
DONEOutside Light at City Hall EntranceOperationsCity
DONEMove old trailer and addition at RV ParkRevenueCity
DONEFire Hall Garage Door RepairNecessaryCity
DONEDavidson Landing Fire Hall Roof Repair and Building UpgradesNecessityGrant
DONEVPSO housingNecessityCity
DONESouthside AmbulanceNecessaryCity
DONELights Replaced in Bale BuildingNecessityCity
DONESEASWA ProgramCity Voted to ParticipateCity
DONEShoreline Drive Settlement Above Boat WorksMaintenaanceCity
DONEClean Ditches Along Kasaan RoadMaintenaanceCity
DONETools for departments, roads, harbor, utility and solid wasteOperationsCity
DONEBidding and construction of the Sandy Beach Road PavingNew ProjectGrant
DONECut Culver Off on Shoreline DriveCommunityCity
DONECrushed Rock on Steep RoadProject CompletionGrant
DONERepair Shoreline Drive in Front of the PortMaintenaanceCity
DONEDeer Creek Bridge Guardrail, Signs and Bottom Bolts Compliance/SafetyCity
DONEBeaver Dam on Setter Creek at Rons RoadOperationsCity
DONEEquipment Repairs (tires-grader-dump trucks-backhoe-skid, air leaks - lights on dump trucksOperationsCity
DONEPat Park BenchCommunityCity
DONEHeart Attack Hill BrushingCommunityCity
DONECommunity Sign Program (includes new harbor signage and boat completion)CommunityCity
DONESignage at Park, City Hall, LibraryCommunityCity
DONEClean Basketball CourtCommunityCity
DONECity Park Swing Set Play EquipmentSafetyCity/Grant
DONECity Harbor Shelter RoofCommunityCity
DONEPlanning and design of Davidson Landing Restrooms and Caretaker facilityNecessity/RevenueGrant
DONEDavidson Landing DocksCommunity/RevenueGrant
DONESignage on Davidson Landing DocksCommunityCity
DONESignage on City DocksCommunity/revenueCity
DONESignage at City Boat LaunchCommunity/RevenueCity
DONECity Boat Ramp Clean Up, Move Boat, Sign in Boat CommunityCity
DONEFarmers Market ProgramEc Dev/CommunityCity
DONEMarket Remaining City LotsRevenueCity
DONECompletion of the Harbor / City MasterEc Dev/RevenueGrant
DONELocate/Re-establish Lot Corners in Commercial DevelopmentEc Dev/RevenueCity
DONECommercial lot leasesRevenueCity
DONERestaurant, gravel, pressure wash, drain water from under bldg Ec Dev/RevenueCity
DONERe-evaluate Employee Health InsuranceRevenueCity
DONETrailers Acquisition from FSHousing ShortageCity
DONECity Junk Clean UpCommunity ImprovementCity
DONEDeveloping City project priorities for Nov legislative grant deadline----planning and designFuture FundingCity
DONETwo private development projects need some modifications to the City Municipal CodeCodeCity/Client
DONECode amendments to Financial sectionRevenueCity
DONEPurchase RV Trailer for RV Park ManagerCommunity ImprovementCity
DONENew Web SiteMarketing/ Ec DevCity
WPShip Municipal Waste SouthComplianceCity
WPNew fire quipmentNecessityGrant
WPVolunteer Recruitment and RetentionNecessaryCity
WPSewage Treatment Plant UpgradesComplianceGrant
WPManhole locate and raisesComplianceCity
WPI and I repair workComplianceGrant/City
WPCompliance issues with sewage treatment---DisenfictionComplianceGrant
WPWater Treatment Plant UpgradesComplianceGrant
WPFlush Water LinesComplianceCity
WPCompliance issues with water treatmentComplianceGrant
WPTrail from Port to GrappleCommunity/SafetyGrant/City
WPTrail from Boat Ramp to PortCommunity/SafetyGrant/City
WPDavidson Landing Restrooms/Cartaker facilityCommunity/RevGrant
WPDavidson Landing boat launch and docksCommmunity/RevenueGrant
WPAddressing the Parking and Boat and Vehicle Storage IssuesRevenueCity
WPDavidson Landing Restrooms and Caretaker facilityNecessity/RevenueCity/Grant
WPCity Boat Ramp Base Rock Repair (needs ACOE permit)NecessityCity
WPRepair Guardrail at City HarborSafety/CommunityCity
WPParking signs and re-establish parking areasRevenueCity
WPKasaan RoadEc Dev/CommunityGrant
WPModular Buildings to Lease out (Tongass Credit Union)Ec Dev/RevenueCity
WPNew Library ProgramGrants/CommunityCity/Grants
WPObtain State Lease Money for Tideland LeasesRevenueCity
WPCity Marketing Program (brochure)Marketing/ Ec DevCity
WPCemetary on South Side and Memorial Wall on North sideCommunityCity/Grant
WPInstall Video Cameras and SignsCommunity/SavingsCity
COMMUNITY FACILITIES (city hall, library, bay chalet, rv park)
4Council Chamber Door ThresholdCost SavingCity
3Electrical Storage Building RoofNecessityCity
2Utility Hook up Facilities Repairs at RV Park/New RV ParkOperationsCity
1Maintenance on LibraryOperations/NecessityCity
5Volunteer HousingNecessityGrant
4Web cams on BaySafetyGrant
3Warning Sytem on South SideNecessityGrant
2EMS Boat Repair/ReplacementNecessity/SafetyCity/Grant
1Portable Garage Shelters for Ambulance and Fire TrucksNecessityGrant
1Solid Waste Transfer Site/Recycling ProgramNecessityGrant/City
SEWAGE TREATMENT AND COLLECTION2Repair fence around Treatment PlantComplianceGrant/City
1Liftstation UpgradesComplianceCity
5Water Lake Bridge-AccessNecessityCity
4Obtain Watershed from StateNecessityCity
3350,000 Gallon Water ReservoirOperationsGrant
2Raise water valves and patch roadComplianceGrant
1Public Water SourceNecessityCity
5Straighten Street Signs and Hydrant PostsCommunityCity
4Sand storage building at LandfillOperationsGrant
3Ditch/CulverT Cleaning City StreetsMaintenaanceCity
2Kasaan Bridge Hole RepairComplianceCity
1Shoulder Repairs Along Paved Roads including riprap (requires ACOE permits)MaintenaanceCity
5Fill Beach at City Boat Ramp for BeachCommunityGrant
4Rebuild of Retaining Wall and FenceCommunity/safetyGrant
3Ballfield RestorationCommunityGrant
2Enhancement Facility at Boat Ramp Park with RestroomsCommunity/RevGrant/City
1New RV Park for short term visitorsCommunityCity
3City Harbor Skiff FloatsRevenueCity/Grant
2Additional Parking at City HarborNecessity/RevenueCity/Grant
1Boat Wash StationRevenueCity/Grant
4Sort Yard Acquisition from FSEc Dev/RevenueGrant
3Re-obtain the ACOE permits that expired by gridEc Dev/RevenueCity
2Goose Creek Phone Service (Legislative Grants)Ec Dev/CommunityGrant
1Cell Phone / Internet Service City wide (Legislative Grants)Ec Dev/CommunityGrant
4Clean up the community ordinance and/or rulesImprove City OperationsCity
3Revisit revenue sources to make sure the City is collecting appropriate revenuesRevenue SourceCity
2Leases that need legal descriptions to pinpoint their locationsFor Tideland PermitCity
1Transportation Plan, first step in developing City Streets and Roads projects for funding Future FundingCity