If you are thinking of buying property or currently own property and are planning to expand your development, please be sure to review the Zoning Code for your area.

Thorne Bay Municipal Code Section 15.04.020 stipulates that “Development Plans” are required of ALL building to make the public aware of setback requirements and eliminate building encroachments into right-of-way, easements and other properties. This applies to all zones in the Thorne Bay City Limits.

Thorne Bay Municipal Code 17.04.026 – Residential/Commercial III Zone allows for mixed zoning.  If you plan on building or operating a business within this zone that is defined as commercial or industrial use, you ARE REQUIRED to file a “Notice of Intent” with the City office.  Details on the Notice of Intent Application Process are outlined within the Thorne Bay Municipal Code 17.04.026 Mixed Residential/Commercial III (C) (1).

Thorne Bay Municipal Code Link:

     17.04.022  Residential zone.

     17.04.023  Deer Creek residential.

     17.04.024  Mixed residential/commercial I.

     17.04.025  Mixed residential/commercial II.

     17.04.026  Mixed residential/commercial III.

     17.04.027  Commercial zone.

     17.04.028  Industrial zone.

     17.04.029  Waterfront zone.

     17.04.030  Public zone.

     17.04.031  Low density residential.

     17.04.032  Medium density residential.

     17.04.033  High density residential.

     17.04.034  Greentree Heights residential.


Zoning Map

Town Street Map  – Courtesy of the T.B.B.A.

Color Map – link to State of Alaska community profile maps

Color Map 2 –  link to State of Alaska community profile maps

Goose Creek Plat Map  –   link to State of Alaska community profile maps

South Thorne Bay Plat Map – link to State of Alaska community profile maps