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Dana Allison
Finance Officer

Contact the Finance Officer for assistance with:

Sales Tax Payments

Grant Reporting and related information

Passport Services

Notary Services

Payable/Payroll Inquiries

Community Events

Dana also performs the duties of the City Clerk in her absence.

Teri Feibel, CMC
Contact the City Clerk for assistance with:

Sales Tax or Business Registration assistance/questions.

Public Records Requests

City Council related items

Contract Inquiries

RFP/RFQ Information

Election or Initiative/Petition Information

Lisa Roseland
Accounts Receivable Clerk

Contact Lisa for:

Customer Utility Information


Harbor Accounts setup and inquiries

Parking Permits

Schedule a Meeting with Administration

General Inquiries

Lisa performs the duties of the Finance Officer in her absence.

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The Clerk's Office provides a full range of services to the residents and visitors of Thorne Bay, including:

Customer Services and Utility Account Services

The Clerk’s office is responsible for collecting payment from statements plus utility bills and landfill fees.  Applications for City Utility and other Services can be found here.

Passport Services

The City of Thorne Bay offers Passport ServiceTuesdays through Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and Mondays and Fridays from 9:00 a.m., to 12:00 p.m.

Passport Fees must be paid via check made out to the U.S. State Department.

Application fees are paid directly to the facility which accepts checks, cash, or credit/debit cards.

Notary Services

The City Clerk and Accounts Payables Clerk are both notaries and provide notary service to the public. Notary services are available Monday through Thursday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

RFP/BIDS – Posting and receipting of all bids.

Bids and request for proposals are received in the Clerk’s Office Clerk attends the bid opening, opens the bid and records the results.  Copies of bids are made for the pertinent department and the originals are kept in the Clerk’s Office.

Public Records

The Clerk’s office provides research to general government, the utilities and the public on questions concerning the Council’s past actions, ordinances, resolutions, etc. and provides copies of documents upon request. Public records request forms can be downloaded

Contracts, Leases & Agreements

Contracts, leases, agreements, etc. are attested to and notarized original documents are retained until the document is invalid at which time it is put in the Clerk’s archives and/or destroyed.

Real property documents

Deeds, easements, etc. pertaining to general government and the utilities are filed in the Clerk’s office and indexed. Other City employees have access to the Clerk’s File Index for research purposes. Copies of documents are made when requested by departments and citizens.

Sales Tax Services

The Clerk’s Office is responsible for the record keeping, processing, collection and distribution of all Sales Tax and Occupancy (Bed) Tax receipts.

Sales tax is charged at 6% and assessed on all sales, rents, services. City Sales Tax rate is 6%.  One-Sixth of the sales tax funds is designated to Streets and Roads and Community Development.

Occupancy (Bed) Tax at 4% and assessed on all transient lodging.

The distribution of these funds is set by Ordinance and currently dispersed at:

* 30% of the tax is allocated to Fire/EMS,

* 20% to Tourism,

* 10% Parks Enhancement,

* 30% Harbor Fund,

* 10% is deposited to the City’s General Fund.

Business Sales Tax

Applications for city sales tax numbers are processed through the Clerk’s Office. Persons applying must have a valid Business License with the State of Alaska.

Financial Audits

The City Clerk/Treasurer is responsible for preparing the Annual Certified Financial Statement which must then be certified by the City Council and recorded with the State of Alaska.

Ordinances and Resolutions

Ordinances and Resolutions are filed in the Clerk’s office. After an ordinance is signed, copies are posted in five prominent places or noticed in the newspaper as appropriate, scanned and uploaded to the City’s website. A book with copies of ordinances and a book with copies of resolutions are also kept in the Clerk’s Office for employee and pubic reference.

Municipal Code

The official Municipal Code is in the Clerk’s office along with the complete history of the Code since its adoption. When changes are made to the Code, the Clerk revises it (codifies) and distributes copies.

Codification of Ordinances

Ordinances are codified by the Clerk into the Code and supplements are distributed. The Code is posted on the City’s web site and updated as ordinances become effective. In-house codification saves the City thousands of dollars a year. Besides saving money, and probably just as importantly, in-house codification enables the Code to be updated in a timely manner.

Parking permits

Applications for parking permits are obtained and the permits issued through the Clerk’s office. Compliance with requirements of the ordinance is ascertained prior to a permit being issued.  Information regarding who has a permit is transmitted to the Harbors Department and the City’s Village Public Safety Officer (VPSO).

Claims against the City

Claims are filed in the Clerk’s office, copied and sent to the City Administrator for transmission to the City Attorney. Release of claims are received from the City Attorney and filed with the appropriate claim.


Everything for elections is done by the Clerks. Special election dates and propositions are pre-cleared with the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. The Clerk serves as the Absentee Voting Official for all State and Federal Elections.

Gaming License

Gaming License for the City of Thorne Bay is managed by the Clerk’s Office.

Liquor License Renewal

Renewal of liquor licenses, transfers, etc. are received by the Clerk from the Alcohol Beverage Control Board. Upon receipt, the Clerk verifies there are no outstanding tax balances or outstanding invoices with the City.  The Clerk then submits a copy to the City Administrator to see if there are any objections.  After a reply is received, the item is put on the Council agenda with a memorandum.  After the Council meeting the Clerk writes a letter to the ABC Board advising of Council action.


Welcome to the Clerk's Office


The Office of the City Clerk provides a direct link between the residents of the City of Thorne Bay, their elected officials, and agencies of government at all levels.  The Clerk's are often the first person a member of the public contacts when seeking assistance from City Hall.

Our Office is committed to conducting the duties of the office in an ethical, friendly, and efficient manner to ensure an effective link between citizens, local governing officials, and other government agencies.

The City Clerk works directly for the Mayor and City Council and is committed to conducting the duties of the office in an ethical, friendly, and efficient manner to ensure an effective link between citizens, local governing officials, and other government agencies.  The City Clerk is responsible for carrying out the statutory and professional duties of a municipal clerk. 

The City Clerk is responsible for overseeing the supervision and day-to-day operations of the Finance Department which consists of two employees in clerical positions.


Provide consistent high-level services which promote and strengthen government.


Foster civic education, participation, and openness in Thorne Bay city government through effective facilitation of the legislative process and transparent, accountable stewardship of public information and official records.



Public Service

We strive to provide the highest quality of care, understanding and helpfulness to our customers and community.


We hold ourselves accountable by honoring our commitments and responsibilities to our colleagues and customers.


We value the diversity and collaboration of opinions and backgrounds and create an environment that is inclusive of everyone.


We ensure the public resources and information entrusted to us are preserved and accessible to the highest standard through stewardship and continual innovation.

Thorne Bay’s Certified Municipal Clerk

Teri Feibel, CMC

Teri Feibel was hired in December of 2004 as the Accounts Receivables Clerk and Planning Commission Secretary. 

On February 6, 2006, Teri was appointed as the City Clerk and City Treasurer by the City Council, one year after she began her employment with the City. 

Teri obtained her Certified Municipal Clerks designation in June of 2012 from the International Institute of Municipal Clerks and is now working towards her Master Municipal Clerks Certification.

City Clerk's Office Staff:

Finance Officer & Acting City Clerk 

Dana Allison

Dana was hired in May of 2007, as the City’s Receptionist/Accounts Receivables Clerk and Planning and Zoning Secretary.  Two years after she began working for the City, Dana was promoted to the Accounts Payables/Payroll Clerk for the City. 

Accounts Receivables Clerk I

Lisa Roseland

Lisa was hired in May of 2017, as the City Receptionist/Accounts Receivables Clerk.   In June of 2017, she was appointed the Secretary for the Prince of Wales Chamber Advisory Commission (POWCAC), and Regional Southeast Solid Waste Authority (SEASWA).   


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