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Vendor Application – TNB Days

Name of your Business, if applicable
What size space do you need? Please note, this is a one-day event and hours are subject to change. Hours are tentatively set for Saturday, August 6th 12pm to 8pm. A standard table size is 6 x 2.9, and a folding table is slightly smaller. You must be at your booth during all posted hours. Please read our Policies and Procedures for further details. Cancellations after July 15th will incur a 50% fee.
The “Thorne Bay Days” event and others participating in the sponsorship of the “Thorne Bay Days” event accept no responsibility for damages or injuries sustained by vendors. As a condition of, and in consideration of, the acceptance of their entries therein, all vendors and their parents or guardians shall be deemed to agree and assume all risks of injury to the vendor’s property and person resulting from, caused by, or connected with the conduct and management of the “Thorne Bay Days” event and to release all claims which they may have against the “Thorne Bay Days” event and the City of Thorne Bay and organizations that take part in the sponsorship of this “Thorne Bay Days” events. Vendor participation accepted only on these conditions.
Every vendor is required and responsible to follow all local, State and Federal requirements and regulations
How will you be remitting your payment? To make your payment online use our payments page at
Enter the total payment due based on your application selections above. Payment can be remitted online or by telephone using a credit card. Cash or check payments must be submitted to Thorne Bay City Hall, 120 Freeman Drive, Thorne Bay, AK 99919 PAY ONLINE AT
$ 0.00