Plat Maps

Land Records/Plats

View plat maps of property located within Thorne Bay.  Not all maps are availabe within this table.  For a more detailed search of plats and other land records, please visit the Alaska Recorder’s Office at
Aerial View of North and South Thorne BayAerial View North and South TNB
South Thorne Bay AerialMap
Deer Creek Subdivision Aerial MapAerial Map of the Deer Creek Subdivision – Located in the Industrial Zone of Goose Creek/South TNB
Thorne Bay Aerial Map of North SideAerial Map of the North Side of Thorne Bay
Downtown Subdivision Aerial MapAerial Map of the Downtown Business District
Rainy Lane Aerial mapAerial Map Data – Rainy Lane
Property Management Agreement DNR – City – Freeman Drive-102-1989-001930-0Land Management Agreement – Recorder Office Link:
80-121 – South Thorne Bay PlatPlat 80-121 / South Thorne Bay Subdivision Plat
South TNB Road Map – LargeMap
Sort Yard Plat – Heli-Pad locationPlat 2005-33
Tract BP-2, BP-3Plat 97-86/Seaaford Subdivision
Alaska_MapAlaska Map
Alaska-Driving-MapState of Alaska Driving Map
Welcome to Thorne Bay Guide Map All SidesMap – City Welcome Street Map
Zoning Map-Including South Thorne BayCity Zoning Map – Colored 2
Street MapNot Actual Recorded Map – Street Map
Thorne Bay Planning and Zoning MapCity Zoning Map – Colored
Downtown Business District MapPlat 2006-5
Thorne Bay Town MapNot Actual Recorded Plat
Deer Creek MapPlat 91-21
Old Skid Road Map and North Road + South Thorne Bay Addition 1Plat 2016-7/2009-7

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