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Applications for water and sewer service are available online by downloading the applications online, or at City Hall, 120 Freeman Drive, Thorne Bay, AK 99919.


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Facility Name: Thorne Bay Wastewater Treatment System
Community: Thorne Bay
Owner/Employer: Thorne Bay, City of
Type of Facility: Wastewater Treatment
Classification Level: Class 1


Wastewater treatment systems are classified according to a point rating system. Point values are recognized for each of the various components found in a treatment plant. Points are totaled once all components have been recognized. The total number of points determines the classification of the wastewater treatment system. Click here to view the entire list of components for which points can be counted for wastewater treatment. The specific components that have been recognized toward the classification of this wastewater treatment system are as follows:


Score Category Score
Size (Peak day design capacity, gallons per day) – 100,001 – 500,000 9
Pretreatment – Mechanically cleaned screens 2
Secondary Treatment – Activated sludge: Oxidation ditch 8
Secondary Treatment – Secondary clarifiers 4
Sludge Thickening and Dewatering – Screw press 5
Solids Disposal – Off-site disposal 1
Total 29


Total Score    System Classification
1-30 Class 1
31-55 Class 2
56-75 Class 3
>75 Class 4



Name Role Cert. Level Expiration Date CEU Req. Met
Billy Phillips Backup
Samuel Sawyer Primary
Nick Blankenship Backup


For more information, please review the Water and Wastewater Operator Certification and Training Regulation (18 AAC 74).

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Thorne Bay Utility Reports:

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Waste Water Treatment System Classification – DEC – June 2018

Water Treatment System Classification – Operator listing – DEC June 18, 2018