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On shore facilities for guests include clean restrooms with showers, restaurant, hardware store, grocery store & liquor store within an easy walk, emergency medical services, free WiFi available at the Public Library. Water • Power (30, 50 amp) Diesel • Grid • Gas • Boat Launch • Propane • Fishing Supplies
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Visitors Information

Thorne Bay, Prince of Wales Island

Population: 510
Thorne Bay is located on the east coast of Prince of Wales Island, 57 miles from the Clark Bay ferry terminal and 34 miles from Klawock.

Visitor information:
Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 490, Klawock, AK 99925; phone 907-755-2626 or via Thorne Bay City. The U.S. Forest Service has an office in Thorne Bay, phone 907-828-3304.

Thorne Bay began as a logging camp Ketchikan Pulp Co. (KPC) in 1962, and was incorporated in 1982, making it one of Alaska’s newest cities. It was connected to the island road system in 1974. When timber was big in the 1960s and 1970s, Thorne Bay was the largest logging camp in North America, with more than 600 residents. The population has fluctuated with the timber industry. Ketchikan Pulp Co. completed its final timber sales in 2001 and closed down operations here.

Today, Thorne Bay is home to hunting and fishing lodges, Southeast Island School District offices, the Thorne Bay Ranger District Headquarters, several local specialty lumber mills, Southeast Road Builders and the barge terminal that serves all of Prince of Wales Island.

Thorne Bay has a grocery store, liquor store and hardware store; general merchandise, boat fuel, convenience store, gas, diesel and post office at The Port. Thorne Bay Cafe, owned and operated by the Southeast Island School District as part of their culinary arts program for students, is a great stop for lunch or dinner (eat-in or takeout). The Tackle Shack and Floatel offers fishing and hunting licenses. Lodging is available at numerous lodges and a couple of B&Bs. The Thorne Bay RV Park offers nightly and weekly RV sites with hookups. Public restrooms and showers and moorage are available at the Harbor Facility.


  • Go to the Thorne Bay Ranger Station for recreation opportunities and conservation education as well as information regarding Prince Of Wales Island.




About Us



The City of Thorne Bay is a second-class City incorporated on August 2, 1982 under the laws of the State of Alaska. The community is divided geographically by Thorne Bay with the main town site (North Thorne Bay) and a majority of the services located on the North side of the bay with additional residential, commercial and industrial subdivisions located on the South side of the bay.


Thorne Bay encompasses 28.937 square miles, and is located on the East side of Prince of Wales Island, the third largest island in the United States. Thorne Bay is one of the larger community’s land wise in Southeast Alaska with approximately 40 percent of the population living in South Thorne Bay/ Goose Creek area and the remaining living in North Thorne Bay.  The 2016 population of Thorne Bay was 510 people. North Thorne Bay has mostly paved roads, city water, sewer service and trash collection.  South Thorne Bay /Goose Creek are serviced by public roads but have no city utility services.


Thorne Bay’s largest employers are the U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Southeast Island School District, City of Thorne Bay, Thorne Bay Market, Southeast Road Builders and Port and Tackle Shack at Thorne Bay.  The Barge Facility handles most all goods that arrive on Prince of Wales Island.  Two scheduled float plane services provide daily passenger and mail service to Ketchikan and other island communities.  The Inter Island Ferry provides service from Hollis to Ketchikan.


The economy is slowly shifting from the old logging camp days to a more balanced economy with tourism and retirement growing.  Thorne Bay still struggles to attract new business and lacks the jobs that will help retain young people in the community.   


The governing agency is the City Council. The Council is a seven member body elected at large by the general public or appointed by the Council to serve an unexpired term of a Councilmember who may cease to sit on the Council prior to a municipal general election. The Mayor is elected by the Council from within the City Council. The Council sets policies, passes laws and establishes the budget. The budget covers the fiscal year, July 1 through June 30.  The City Council meets the first and third Tuesdays of the month, except in October where meeting must align with city elections.


The City of Thorne Bay has a “Strong Mayor” form of government. The Mayor has the same legislative powers as other members of the Council and is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Administrative Officer for the City.


In Thorne Bay’s form of government, the Council collectively hires the City Administrator, City Clerk/Treasurer and City Attorney who serve at the pleasure of the Council. The Council also appoints the EMS Director, Fire Chief and Village Public Safety Officer. The Mayor or Mayor Designee hires or appoints all other municipal personnel. The Mayor may delegate authorities granted to him under the Municipal Code to a City Administrator or another designated employee when the administrator position is vacant.


The City has a Planning Commission, Strategic Planning Committee, Roads Commission and a Harbor Commission that advise the Council on various topics throughout the year.  In the absence of a committee the City Council fulfills the duties and responsibilities granted the committees.


Boating to Thorne Bay

Boat Harbors

Thorne Bay Harbors

Thorne Bay—The Friendly Bay—– The Hidden Gem of the Inside Passage —- slips accommodate boats to 50 foot, guest slip accommodate boats to 100 feet and anchorage accommodations for any size boat.  And for those with pets we are a pet friendly community.




Fishing Lodges in Thorne Bay, Alaska

Adventure Alaska Southeast

PO Box 19561, Thorne Bay, AK  99919   | 1-907-828-3907 | Toll free at: 877-499-FISH Email: 


Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge

991 E. Deborah Circle| Bountiful, Utah 84010 | 800-764-3918


Thorne Bay Lodge

P.O. Box 19170| Thorne Bay, Alaska 99910 |503-680-1755


Tree Tops Lodge

Tree Tops Lodge (contact from April 15 to Sept. 1)

P.O. Box 443 | Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919 | 907-209-8650




Bayside Lodging At The Tackle Shack

PO Box 19309, Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919

907-828-8212 •


McFarlands Floatel

A great do-it-yourself fishing place. rental boats, saltwater rods & reels, bait, lures, and 
fishing licenses available at the Baskets & Bullets Store 
for your convenience.

Emai:   | or call (907) 401-3947 or 254-4252



Welcome Inn Bed & Breakfast

506 Spruce Ln, Thorne Bay, AK 99919•(907) 828-3950