Day 51 since the landslide & finally good news folks, the OVK DOT Crew is mobilizing equipment to the site of the landslide today & tomorrow to begin the clean up! There will be equipment on the road and trucks running from the site of the slide to the Thorne Bay Landfill as soon as work begins, please respect our crews and use caution. I do not have a date of when the road will be open, please continue to be patient and know we are working as quickly as allowed.

The Lake Ellen Road will continue to be utilized through the clean up until we can ensure public safety. Snow removal will continue, please folks also use caution on the bypass road. Pay attention to blind spots, going up hills and around corners, go slow, you cannot stop if you are going too fast! I appreciate your continued patients, please feel free to call me with any questions, contact information is listed below.

Sara Yockey

Landslide IC

Direct Number (907) 617-9970

Lake Ellen Bypass Road Conditions – Please Use Caution

Press Release

February 13, 2019

The Lake Ellen Bypass road is extremely slick, please use caution! The storm will persist, according the Winter Weather Advisory, until 6:00 a.m. Thursday morning.  There is an anticipated snow accumulation of 3” to 6” inches. The snow removal crew will be out first thing in the morning removing snow & sanding. Please be respectful of our crews & be safe!

Landslide Update – Press Release

Press Release 2/7/2019

The Organized Village of Kasaan (OVK) was successful in obtaining funds through the Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads Program (ERFO).

The request has been submitted for a Quick Release of funds for immediate repairs to the Kasaan Road for restoring essential travel. In order to acquire the additional funds awarded a Damage Survey Report (DSR) will be completed and submitted for approval. The DSR will detail the scope of work to be followed for any permeant repairs to the road. My hope is to receive funding and be able to begin the clean up before the end of the month, but it is tough to predict as there is a lengthy process to follow. It was also acknowledged that the USFS is the owner of the section of the roadway where the slide occurred.

I’d like to thank the residents of Kasaan and South Thorne Bay for your continued patients and understanding and as always please feel free to contact me with any questions, my contact information is listed below. I’d also like to state that OVK, City of Thorne Bay & the USFS are ALL working tirelessly to resolve this problem. Acts of hostility, finger pointing and the blame game will not speed up this process. We need to come together as communities despite our differences of opinion, negativity is not productive. 

Thank You,

Sara Yockey

Landslide Incident Commander

Cell: (907) 617-9970

Home: (907) 329-2012