Solid Waste



City of Thorne Bay Solid Waste Site (city dump)

  • Open to public Thursdays and Fridays 9AM-4PM and every first (1st) and third (3rd) Saturday of the month 9AM-4PM.

  • Call City Hall (907)828-3380 for information on rates.



Solid Waste Facility Open

Solid Waste
Commercial Cans
Commercial Solid Waste rate for 2 cans
Commercial Dump Sale
Commercial Dump Sale per pound
Commercial Extra Can
Rate for Extra Can pick-up
Commercial Prorate
Commercial two cans prorated
Deposit – Solid Waste
Deposit for Solid Waste Service
Dumpster – Extra Comm. Rate
Extra Dumpster Rate
Dumpster Comm. -2xWk
Dumpster Rate 2 pick-ups/wk
Dumpster Comm. 1xWk
Dumpster Rate – 1 pick-up/wk
Reconnection Fee – Solid Waste
Reconnection Fee when solid waste service temporarily shut-off by request of customer
Residential Dump Sale
Residential Dump Sale per pound
Residential Garbage Extra Can
Extra Cans – Residential
Residential Garbage
Residential Garbage Monthly Rate
Residential Garbage Pro-Rated
Residential Garbage prorated
Scrap Metal
Scrap metal rate per pound
Senior Solid Waste
Senior Solid Waste Services Rate
Senior Solid Waste Prorate
Senior Solid Waste prorated
Tipping Fee
Tipping Fee
Vehicle Disposal
Vehicle Flat Rate Disposal Fee
Violation – Access to Landfill
The landfill shall be opened only by individuals authorized by the City.  Violators shall be subject to a $50.00 fine. 13.70.180
Violation – Ash Disposal
Illegal ash disposal – Violators shall be subject to a $50.00 fine PLUS any costs incurred by City for environmental cleanup of illegally disposed of ash. 13.70.174
Violation – Prohibited Substance
Prohibited substances include but are not limited to: poisonous waste, saturated oily waste, liquid petroleum products, septic tank pumping, radioactive material, asbestos.  Violators shall be subject to a $300.00 fine PLUS any costs incurred by the Ci…
Violation – Special Waste
Special Waste includes but is not limited to: hazardous waste, paint, antifreeze, batteries, masonry.  Violators shall be subject to a $20.00  fine.  13.70.176
Violation – Unauthorized Use
It is unlawful to use another residences/businesses refuse container.  Violators shall be subject to a $50.00 fine.  13.70.186
Traffic Citation State Surcharge
State of Alaska Surcharge