Senior Tax Exempt Cards

Senior Tax Exempt Cards for Thorne Bay are available for $10.00 (and are valid for two years) through The City of Thorne Bay if certain requirements are met.

The applicant must be 65 years of age or older. A valid Alaska State Driver’s License or valid State of Alaska ID must be presented at time of application as proof of age.

Proof of Alaskan residency must also be presented at time of application. The easiest way to do this is to provide Proof of Receipt of the previous year’s Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. This needs to be actual receipt of the dividend, not proof that it was applied for. If unable to provide Proof of Receipt, then a combination of 3 of the following may be presented as proof of residency:

  •  Proof of home ownership, a home purchase contract.
  •  Rent receipts or utility receipts – from the previous, continuous 12 months.
  •  Employment records or unemployment records, from the previous, continuous 12 months.
  • A contract to move household goods to Alaska dated more than a year prior.
  • Licensing records such as those for hunting and fishing licenses.

Please call the City of Thorne Bay at (907) 828-3380 or email at for any questions concerning the application process.