Fisheries Association Special Meeting Notice

There will be a Special Meeting of the Fisheries Association April 3rd, 2019, beginning at 1:00 p.m., in the City Hall Council Chambers.

City Hall Council Chambers is located at 120 Freeman Drive, Thorne Bay, AK 99919.

Proposed Drafted Agenda Items Include:

  1. Review of Fisheries Association Distribution Policy for Charter Halibut Permits (CHP). (*attached)
  2. Review of Charter Halibut Permit Applications received for CY19, & establishment of approval, discussion and action item:
  3. Review of Bylaws and discuss actions for handling possible conflict’s of interest, discussion and action item:
  4. Review of current Board Terms and Roles and Responsibilities, discussion and action item:

Basketball Regionals-Watch your players.

For those of you that haven’t been able to follow the teams progress, here is an update:

They won their first game against Gustavus!  then They won their second game against Hydaburg!!!They won their second game against Hydaburg!
They play tonight for the Championship against Kake at 7:45pm. There will be some of us watching tonight here at the school – come join us!!  We will be in the commons.  Feel free to bring something comfy to sit on and a snack.

If you have internet, here is the link to watch live on Youtube:

So proud of our young men and Coach Gunkel!!


On Thursday, February 28, Senate State Affairs will be reviewing: SB23 – “An Act making special appropriations from the earnings reserve account for the payment of permanent fund dividends” – this is the payback of the full dividend from 2016-2018, which would reduce funds within the earnings reserve and begin payments in FY21 SB24 – “An Act directing the Department of Revenue to pay dividends to certain eligible individuals” – determining eligibility based on past and future dates.

While the Committee hearing begins at 3:30pm, public testimony is anticipated at 6:00pm.
Participate from your local LIO – – 586-9085, Anchorage – 563-9085, Other, 1-844-586-9085.  

Cleanup Underway

Cleanup underway! OVK Crew began on Monday, February 25th, clearing the road where the January 1st landslide occured.

Cleanup underway! OVK Crew began on Monday, February 25th, clearing the road where the January 1st landslide occured.

Photo’s are credit of Sara Yockey, Incident Commander

 There will be equipment on the road and trucks running from the site of the slide to the Thorne Bay Landfill throughout the cleanup process.

Please continue to respect our crews and use caution.

Sound the Alarm Save a Life

Sound the Alarm. Save a Life.

This spring the American Red Cross needs your help to install 100,000 free smoke alarms and raise funds for lifesaving services in more than 100 cities in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands during Sound the Alarm home fire safety and smoke alarm installation events.

One day of your life can change someone else’s forever. Join us in your community, April 27 – May 12, 2019. 


Day 51 since the landslide & finally good news folks, the OVK DOT Crew is mobilizing equipment to the site of the landslide today & tomorrow to begin the clean up! There will be equipment on the road and trucks running from the site of the slide to the Thorne Bay Landfill as soon as work begins, please respect our crews and use caution. I do not have a date of when the road will be open, please continue to be patient and know we are working as quickly as allowed.

The Lake Ellen Road will continue to be utilized through the clean up until we can ensure public safety. Snow removal will continue, please folks also use caution on the bypass road. Pay attention to blind spots, going up hills and around corners, go slow, you cannot stop if you are going too fast! I appreciate your continued patients, please feel free to call me with any questions, contact information is listed below.

Sara Yockey

Landslide IC

Direct Number (907) 617-9970

Lake Ellen Bypass Road Conditions – Please Use Caution

Press Release

February 13, 2019

The Lake Ellen Bypass road is extremely slick, please use caution! The storm will persist, according the Winter Weather Advisory, until 6:00 a.m. Thursday morning.  There is an anticipated snow accumulation of 3” to 6” inches. The snow removal crew will be out first thing in the morning removing snow & sanding. Please be respectful of our crews & be safe!

Landslide Update – Press Release

Press Release 2/7/2019

The Organized Village of Kasaan (OVK) was successful in obtaining funds through the Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads Program (ERFO).

The request has been submitted for a Quick Release of funds for immediate repairs to the Kasaan Road for restoring essential travel. In order to acquire the additional funds awarded a Damage Survey Report (DSR) will be completed and submitted for approval. The DSR will detail the scope of work to be followed for any permeant repairs to the road. My hope is to receive funding and be able to begin the clean up before the end of the month, but it is tough to predict as there is a lengthy process to follow. It was also acknowledged that the USFS is the owner of the section of the roadway where the slide occurred.

I’d like to thank the residents of Kasaan and South Thorne Bay for your continued patients and understanding and as always please feel free to contact me with any questions, my contact information is listed below. I’d also like to state that OVK, City of Thorne Bay & the USFS are ALL working tirelessly to resolve this problem. Acts of hostility, finger pointing and the blame game will not speed up this process. We need to come together as communities despite our differences of opinion, negativity is not productive. 

Thank You,

Sara Yockey

Landslide Incident Commander

Cell: (907) 617-9970

Home: (907) 329-2012     


Thorne Bay, OVK and the City of Kasaan continues to seek funding for the repair of South Thorne Bay / Kasaan Road through State and Federal Agencies.

Thorne Bay, Kasaan and OVK formed an Emergency Management Team per the State and Federal requirements if one is to seek funding assistance.  OVK was elected to head the Team with all three entities seeking assistance.  OVK thru their federal contacts, Thorne Bay and Kasaan through their city contacts.  OVK, having equipment available would also make improvement to the bypass road using the $10,000 allocated by each entity.

Routine maintenance and winter maintenance will continue to be done in the South Thorne Bay Subdivisions, on the Kasaan Road and on the bypass Road by OVK through their  agreement with Thorne Bay.

Thorne Bay Newsletters

Commission Members Needed


Thorne Bay is currently seeking persons interested in being appointed to the following Boards and Commissions:

Planning & Zoning Commission  (7 vacancies) Planning Commission Performs the city-wide functions of planning,platting and zoning for the city.  This commission shall consider and advise the city council concerning the removal, location, widening, narrowing, vacating,abandonment, change of use, or extension of streets, alleys, grounds, open spaces, and buildings. The Commissions consists of not more than 11, but not less than 5 commission members.  Meets the 1st Monday of every Month.

Streets & Roads Commission – (7 vacancies) a 7-member advisory commission – develops and prepares a priority program for the maintenance, repair, construction and funding of roadways within the City of Thorne Bay. The priority program shall address but not be limited to vehicle and pedestrian safety, present and future uses, road classification, right of way and roadway ownership, parking and economic impacts to the local business,residents and city in general. Recommendations should be based on sound engineering practices using local, state and federal guidelines for streets and roads. (Meeting dates have not been established)

The City of Thorne Bay is asking that anyone with interest in the Streets and Roads Maintenance within Thorne Bay, sign up for the commission. We need the community feedback to determine the best actions for moving forward on a long term maintenance plan. 

Contact the City Clerk for the complete Commission Recruitment Posting, or visit our website at

Streets and Roads Commission. 

This commission will consist of 7 members. 

The streets and roads commission shall consist of members from the community and the number of commission members shall be:

            two (2) from the South Thorne Bay Subdivision,

            two (2) from North Thorne Bay,

            one (1) from the Goose Creek Subdivision,

            one (1) from Greentree Heights Subdivision, and

             one (1) at large member.

All of who shall be property owners within their respective areas. Members shall be appointed by the chief administrative officer and confirmed by the council. Commission members shall elect a chairperson from members, subject to confirmation by the council, to conduct the affairs of the commission.





City Council Meeting Notice

There will be a meeting of teh City Council on March 19, 2019,

 City Council Meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m., in the City Hall Council Chambers with a workshop beginning at 6:00 p.m.


There will be for the South Thorne Bay/Kasaan Road

There are NO long-term scheduled road closures for the South Thorne Bay/Kasaan Road.

It has been rumored of upcoming road closures to the South Thorne Bay/Kasaan Road for lengths of time anywhere from 3 weeks to 18 months..  Rest assured THIS IS NOT TRUE.

As road work continues over the next few months there will be flaggers to guide the traffic through the construction site.  Delays are NOT expected to exceed 20 minutes. 

During parts of the construction projects there may be a need to have the road closed for a longer length of time which is estimated to be between 2 and 4 HOURS (120 MINUTES to 240 MINUTES). 

I can assure you that when this needs to happen, THERE WILL BE NOTICES POSTED in advance  so people know what to expect.


Please, if you hear a rumor concerning the construction, upgrades or repairs of the South Thorne Bay Road, call Sara Yockey, Incident Commander and Tribal Transportation Director for the Organized Village of Kasaan by phone or email.

Main Phone:  (907) 617-9970 
Msg.Phn: (907) 542-2230


The boys basketball team have left for Anchorage to play in the State Championship Games. The first game is Wednesday morning at 9:30am.  The School will be streaming it live in the School Commons.  Please come join us to watch the game!!  You can stream it online to watch at home, but as far as I can tell, the only way to do that is to go through NFHS on line and pay the $10 monthly membership fee.  Come watch with us and you won’t have to pay 🙂




Good news folks, the road will be open this afternoon! Thank you to everyone for your patience & understanding! As the road repairs continue in the next few weeks you can expect delays during the day & flaggers will be on site. Please share!

Thank You!

Road Progress. Thank you so much OVK DOT Crew for all your hard work!!

Thank You, 
Sara Yockey 
Landslide IC 
Cell (907) 617-9970

Landslide News

Public Notice

Work continues on the landslide clean up, I will not be providing a date on when the road will be back open. People need to understand this is a big clean up, things could potentially come up that will slow our progress. Please continue to be patient and know we are working as fast as we can. The road is closed, please keep your distance, do not walk up onto the slide and do not proceed past the ROAD CLOSED signs. Please share & continue to watch for more updates.

Thank You,
Sara Yockey
Landslide IC
Cell (907) 617-9970