The American Red Cross Sound the Alarm campaign that will be coming to Thorne Bay on  May 7th.  American Red Cross volunteers will be bringing and installing smoke detectors in interested persons homes. 

People have asked about getting smoke detectors for little or no cost in the past. This is their chance and it is free! Please spread the word, hang flyers and/or forward to other individuals.

The American Red Cross volunteers are also offering to teach the Pillowcase Project while in your community (at the school). 

This program is geared to 3rd through 5th grades (flexibility in grades is allowed for our small schools with multilevels) and takes about 45-60 minutes. 

The program teaches about personal and family preparedness, local hazards and basic coping skills. The idea behind the name “Pillowcase Project” is that students are given a pillowcase in which they are encouraged to build their own emergency supplies kit. 

We have taught this program in your community in the past, but if you would like to have it again, please let me or Bridget (she is attached to this email)know if your school is interested in having this program.


Kara McCoy, RN

Public Health Nurse

Craig Public Health Center