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As a cost saving strategy, The City of Thorne Bay will no longer provide quarterly sales tax forms by mail.  

Sales tax forms will be available at the link below or at 

City Hall, 120 Freeman Drive, Thorne Bay Alaska.  

 The City Clerk will be emailing quarterly sales tax remission reminders, but this is only as a courtesy.  

Each individual or company is responsible for timely submission of tax payments. 

If you would like to have your name added to the reminder list, please send your email address to:


Please put in the subject line “sales tax reminder”.  


Thorne Bay’s sales tax rate is 6%!

If your business has no sales to report for the quarter,

you are still required to submit the return form indicating the appropriate response.

Due dates:

First quarter (Jan, Feb, March) due by:  April 30
Second quarter (April, May, June) due by: July 31
Third quarter (July, Aug, Sept) due by: October 31
Fourth quarter (Oct, Nov, Dec) due by: January 31
Please print off the applicable form and submit to our office with your original signature and payment, if necessary.
 Animal License  Utilities
 Bay Chalet Rental Commercial Utilities Application
 Burn Permit  Commercial/Multi-Unit Utility Application page 2
 Conditional Use Permit  Owner approved – Utility App page 1
 Employee Time Sheets  Owner Approved tenant Utility Application page 2
 Employment Application  Permanently Disconnect Utility Service
 Park and Sell Permit  Temporary Disconnect For Utility Service
 Permit Parking Util App 2012 – PG 1
 RV rental agreement  Residential Utility Application page 2
 solid waste charge account
 Subdivision Application  Sales Tax Forms
Please Print Name & Address on Form
To ensure proper credit…
  Variance Application  Sales Tax Number Application
 Harbor Forms  Government/School District Renters…
Harbor Application   USFS & SISD Rent Tax – Q1 2017
Boat Stall Notification of Removal   USFS & SISD Rent Tax – Q2 2017
Boat Grid Agreement   USFS & SISD Rent Tax – Q3 2017
Transient Moorage   USFS & SISD Rent Tax – Q4 2017
 Float Plane Moorage
 Harbor Commission Application for Appointment

 For Lodges, Hotels/Motels, B&B’s, etc..

All Sales Tax may be reported on the form labelled “sales tax occupancy tax”, if you have no occupancy tax to report, enter ZERO.  Thank you!

1st quarter 2017 Sales Tax Form

1st quarter 2017 Sales and Occupancy Tax Form

2nd quarter 2017 Sales and Occupancy Tax Form

2nd quarter 2017 Sales Tax Form

3rd quarter 2017 Sales Tax Form

3rd quarter 2017 Sales and Occupancy Tax Form

4th quarter 2017 Sales Tax Form

4th quarter 2017 Sales and Occupancy Tax Form