photo courtesy of Pat Rochester

Thorne Bay's 31st Birthday Parade

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photo courtesy of Pat Rochester

1st Place King in 2007 Salmon Derby

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Cruiser Friendly Moorage

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A view of Thorne Bay from the ocean

Humpbacks Feeding in Clarence Straight
Kayaks at Sarkar Lake-Honger Divide Canoe Trail
Sure Sign of Spring
Sunset at Davidson Landing
Beachcombing at Windfall Harbor
Ripe Red Huckleberries
Seal and Baby on Kelp
Fresh Clams
Fresh Salmon
POW Lions Club volunteers (L-R) Kim Redmond, David Egelston, Tim Camp, & Bruce Maldonado
Prince of Wales Lions Club volunteers, install the "Kid's Don't Float" Life jacket station at the Thorne Bay Harbor
Lions Club delivering the "Kids Don't Float" station to the Thorne Bay Harbor


If you are thinking of buying property or currently own property and planning to expand your development, please be sure to review the Zoning Code for your area.

Thorne Bay Municipal Code Section 15.04.020 stipulates that “Development Plans” are required of all building to make the public aware of setback requirements and eliminate building encroachments into right-of-way, easements and other properties. This applies to all zones in the Thorne Bay City Limits.

Thorne Bay Municipal Code Link:

A big “THANK YOU” to all who participated in our Thorne Bay Days celebration!

“Thorne Bay Days”

This year’s “Thorne Bay Days” was another great success! And once again – 4th year running – we were blessed with beautiful, sunny, blue skies AND hot temperatures. The first weekend of August, every year, the City of Thorne Bay celebrates its incorporation as a second class city – August 2, 1982. Our 34th birthday – 2016’s celebration, was held Friday, August 5 and Saturday, August 6, 2016.

Friday, August 5th the Thorne Bay Volunteer EMS and Fire squads held their fund-raising “Pig-Nic” dinner. Yes. You read that correctly – “PIG-Nic”! Members of the community helped roast a whole pig, which took 10 hours, starting at 4AM, led by the wisdom of our local pig guru, Kim Redmond. The SISD Thorne Bay Café, under the direction of Café manager Susan Powell and SISD’s Assistant Superintendent Nick Higson organized and supervised their staff in preparing potato salad, coleslaw, green salad, garlic bread, and watermelon wedges to complement the pig. The dinner, which was limited to only 75 tickets, was sold out well before the pig was carved! Thank you Susan, Nick, and the café staff and the pig-roasting volunteers for a fabulous Pig-Nic.

Diners enjoyed the beautiful evening overlooking the harbor, courtesy of Gary & Erica Anderson, owners of the Tackle Shack, before venturing across the street to the Church of Thorne Bay where home-made ice-cream, various desserts and coffee was made and served by the ladies of the Church of Thorne Bay. These ladies donated all of their time and goodies to help the volunteer EMS and Fire squads. A big ‘THANK YOU’ to all of the people who helped make the dinner memorable.

To supplement the EMS and Fire fund raising, raffle tickets were sold. There were three prizes – all three were an annual ‘family’ package of med-evac insurance on Apollo/Guardian Flight AND AirLift Northwest. At the last minute, Tongass Federal Credit Union donated a $100 gift certificate. We thank all of these companies for donating and supporting our Fire and EMS crews.

Saturday, August 6, was another beautiful day – with sun and warmth. Our activities kicked off with a parade, organized by Amy McDonald. Thank you, Amy! Leading the parade was our Ambulance and Fire Truck, followed by various citizens on ATV’s or motorcycles, a logging truck, kids with decorated bikes and the little ones riding their electric cars or jeeps. Also in the mix was the Thorne Bay Ranger District’s service truck with the district manager atop throwing candy and Thorne Bay’s VPSO Buck Bazinet in his official vehicle bringing up the end. Spectators of all ages lined the parade route and clapped their hands in support and encouragement – and quite a few caught some candy or beads!

After the parade wrapped up, there were kayak races for kids and adults. Nick Higson led the safety talk for all participants before proceeding down to the Thorne Bay Harbor. In conjunction with the local events, the POW Runners/Walkers club held their ‘Rocky Mountain Fun Run’, offering a 3K or 5K and you could really push yourself with their ‘extreme edition’. Thank you Cass Klee for coordinating the runner’s club fun run with our anniversary events. As people were moving from the kayak races, and fun run they had the opportunity to get their kids eyes checked. The Prince of Wales Lions Club offered free eye-screening for children. This screening device was purchased with the proceeds of fund-raisers held right here on Prince of Wales Island. We thank the Lion’s Club for offering this wonderful, life enhancing service to our community.

The SISD café hosted a fund-raising lunch for the ASC of Thorne Bay school, after the morning events finished. People had their choice of hamburger, cheeseburger, or hot dog at very reasonable prices. It was especially great in that the café only had two days to put it together, as our scheduled lunch crew was detained and we had to scramble at the last minute. Thank you ASC and Nick Higson for flipping the burgers and dogs.

The day ended with family fun games up at the Thorne Bay ball park. The EMS volunteers all hosted different games, including a bounce house, which was a big hit. The ambulance was converted into an ice-cream truck for the day. EMS coordinator Cindy Edenfield made the day fun by driving around town playing music that reminded everyone of their own childhood, and sold ice-creams for 25 or 50 cents. What a great idea for a hot summer day! Thank you Cindy for cooling us off with refreshing ice-cream.

The following is a list of those who worked hard to make the 4th annual Thorne Bay Days a huge success, a HUGE THANK YOU to:

  • The pig-roasters, Kim Redmond, David & Cindy Egelston, and Greg & Sheryl Kerkof.
  • Gary & Erica Anderson for the outdoor dining room space at the Tackle Shack and for the use of the power for our background music.
  • Thorne Bay Café (SISD) Susan Powell, Nick Higson and the café staff for the food to compliment the pig and the food service and clean-up.
  • The Church of Thorne Bay – Pastor Ron & Mary Youderian, Pat Rochester, and the ladies of the Church of Thorne Bay.
  • Amy McDonald and the parade participants
  • Cass Klee – Rocky Mountain Fun Run Coordinator
  • Nick Higson, kayak safety officer
  • Trevor Killian, Ray Allison, and Wayne Benner for help with the kids and manning the spotter boats.
  • Cindy Edenfield and Sue Edson – ice-cream truck team.
  • Dana Allison and Sadie Doucette – Department of Recreation (we made that up, but it sounds good when we are throwing a community party!)
  • Mark Lisowski, posters and flyers.
  • Janelle Wehrman, Bruce Maldonado, Kerri Taylor, and VPSO Buck Bazinet – family fun games at the ballpark.
  • City crews for set up and and take down.
  • And to all of those that helped that we may have forgotten.

One last thing, MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR NEXT YEAR as our celebrations keep getting better and better!